Our Team
Mr.D.Madhusudana Rao, FCA.
Mr.D.M.Rao is the promoter and managing director of the TICS PL. He hails from a rustic back ground and aims to develop infrastructure in rural areas by identifying potential industrial projects and help develop entrepreneurial skills in rural youth. He is striving to create awareness of available opportunities, give proper direction to their thinking, stream line their energies, support and guide them in converting their ideas and vision in to reality.

During his illustrious career spanning over 24 years, Mr.D.M.Rao has successfully completed more than 100 industrial projects in tiny, small and medium industries. Simultaneously he has compiled a huge data base on various sectors of MSMEs. He has acquired phenomenal skills in all aspects of industrial projects irrespective of sector and size.

He accompanied a team sponsored by A.P. Industrial and Technical Organization, as a financial advisor, on tour to Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore to study industrial atmosphere and trade opportunities in those countries. He has also authored a book on Government policies and procedures to establish Small Scale Industries in AP entitled “Industrial Encyclopedia”.
Co-promoter and director of the firm. She is an accomplished cost accountant and proprietress of “Steel City Industrial Liaison Services”. She shoulders the responsibility of administration and office management.

Mr.B. Srinivasa Rao, B.E.,A.M.I.E(civil)., F.I.V